Occupancy Risk and Performance

What’s the Occupancy Risk? Photo courtesy of Buildingsonfire.com

Occupancy Risk and Operational Concerns

Take a look at this interior shot of the following occupancy:
Discuss this with your company, officers or station to identify the;
  • Suggested Building Construction Type,
  • Suggested Occupancy Type,
  • Construction System,
  • Operational Risks and Hazards, 
  • Fireground concerns if there was a fire in this Compartment/Building
  • What is Obvious?
  • What needs to be further assessed or identified?
  • What Inherent Building Profile and Performance Concerns area there?
  • What does the Company Officer need to know abouth this Building | Occupancy | Construction System | Compartment?
  • Are there unique tactical operational concerns for Engine |Ladder/Truck | Rescue |Support?
  • What about Command operational concerns?

Building Knowledge = Firefighter Safety

Know your World

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