Adaptive Fireground Management for Company and Command Officers: FDIC 2012


Here’s a promo for the program; “Adaptive Fireground Management for Company and Command Officers”: that will be presented at the Fire Department Instructors Conference- FDIC on Thursday April 19, 2012 10:30 am in Wabash 2.  If you’re attending FDIC this year, plan to mark this program down as one of your stops. I look forward to meeting “youz guys”.

This class presents new insights into emerging concepts and methodologies related to the challenges that arise while fighting today’s structural fires today. Extreme fire behavior, building construction, and occupancy risk mandate new strategic, tactical, and operational modeling. Students will be introduced to a new integrated model that represents new methodologies for predictive risk management, command compression and resiliency, tactical patience, and five-star command theories. This program has direct relevancy to all operational levels and ranks with specific focus toward company- and command-level responsibilities. INTERMEDIATE

Adaptive Fireground Management-FDIC 2012

 I’ll be posting some of my picks for must see FDIC programs later along wth some highlights of other programs that should be on your radar screen.

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