It’s Real Simple… BUCKLE UP

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What is a Seat Belt: (in case you didn’t know) HERE

How Seat Belts Works: (in case you still didn’t know), HERE

Do You Have The Courage To Take The Seat Belt Pledge? HERE, HERE

Leadership: We Killed Firefighter Brian Hunton, HERE

NFFF/EGH: NIOSH Supports Seat Belt Use by Firefighters Resources, HERE

How Can my Department Take the Seatbelt Pledge? Click Here to Download the Pledge Form
» See Which Departments Have Taken the Pledge and Are 100% Compliant

Eddie’s Story
» Watch: Eddie’s Story
» Download: Eddie’s Story (ZIP)
» Print: Card to Make You Think About Your Seat Belt Use

Related Video:
» Watch: All of the Seat Belt Safety PSAs Watch the Video

» Denver Fire Department Video:
Watch Seat Belts & SCBAs | Download

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» Take the Seat Belt Pledge: Download Now
» Download: A Seat Belt Poster | Desktop Wallpaper

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» Dallas Fire-Rescue Gives Seat Belt Pledge a Shot in the Arm
» Beatrice, Neb. Fire Dept. Takes Seat Belt Pledge
» Dearborn Fire Dept. Takes the Seat Belt Pledge
» Firefighter Seat Belt Petition
» Dr. Clark Article: Flaw in Our First Line of Defense

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  • Thanks, Chris. I can’t help but think how easy we’re making it for everyone to just do it. You just made it more easier to understand. Now let’s hope laziness and apathy don’t perform their inevitable return.

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